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Can Women’s Memory Be Better Than Men? This is the reason

Everyone, both men, and women usually want to keep their brain function in order to remember well everything that happens in their life. A well-functioning brain can also help them perform their activities very well. For that, many of those who choose to consume supplements that contain nitric oxide in order to have a good memory.

However, did you know that women have a better memory than men? This condition happens because of the female body has estrogen hormone and estradiol much more. Both of these hormones play a very important role in maintaining brain health. Estrogen is able to protect the brain’s nerves in order to build new connections. This connection is needed when you are forming a new memory.

However, during menopause, the memory of woman will also slowly weaken because it will lose a lot of estrogen hormone. However, at times like this, their memory still better than men because it is associated with social factors.

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