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Recognize Ad Types Based on Goals To Be Achieved

For an emerging business, an appropriate advertisement and targeting of the target market are of paramount importance. For that, usually, a business will use geofencing to be able to reach the target market they go to wherever the target market is located. Because, with GPS-based, geofencing can reach them very precisely.

Actually, talking about advertising, there are different types of ads that are differentiated by function, such as

1. Commercial Ads
This ad usually has a purpose to find an economic profit that can increase the company’s sales. This ad will be subdivided into several types,
– Consumer advertising, this ad will have a message deliberately addressed to consumers.
– Business Ads, this is an ad that has the purpose to seek economic benefits.
– Professional advertising, this one is usually intended for business profit.

2. Non Commercial Ads
This is the type of advertising that is used to inform the audience with the goal of not seeking economic and business benefits.

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