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How to prevent your AC from leaking any water

If the AC is continuously in the flame it will undergo evaporation, and from that result will be water drop by drop. His name is also always in a cold state over time will definitely cause moss, which can clog the sewer. There are several ways to anticipate the occurrence of AC leaked in the indoor. this may be applied in the steps you take care of the cooling machine. And here are the tips you should try. Apart from that, you might visit to hire the recommended professionals to repair your ac.

Tips on How To Prevent AC Leaky Water On The Indoor:

Make sure the indoor slope is flat, or more down a little on the exhaust.

If the installation is long, make sure the water hose can go straight down or no one folds.

Maintain cleanliness of air conditioning, ie by stealing routine at least 2 months.

Always clean the air filter for at least 1 or 2 weeks.

Always check the AC drain hose, make sure it is always smooth.

Ask your AC technician to always clean the disposal gutter at any time of service.