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Watch This Before Buying a Belt

Men still often consider the belt as a trivial accessory, but how to wear a belt is one benchmark assess the ability of men’s fashion. If you are able to wear the right belt, it means you already know how to look well. Conversely, if your belt causes irregularities or damages the harmony of appearance then you still need to learn how to dress well. But you do not have to worry too much because the basics of choosing the right belt are not so difficult to learn and mostly related to everyday logic. While the rest depends on personal taste of each and a belt gives a wide expression space for it. Here are the most basic factors you can use in choosing the right pasek męski .

– Belt’s Long

When dressing in formal, a good belt should be a few inches long past the buckle after being tightened, at least able to pass through the first belt loop, or simply be tucked into the loop found on the belt if present. If necessary, cut or traverse past the buckle in a hidden opposite direction rather than allowing the tip of the belt to wrap around your hips both times. For casual styles, the way to wear a belt is much more flexible, but still, the end of the belt that is too long to dangle back in excess will definitely look weird. Formal belt usually has size like the size of pants. Choose a size 2-3 numbers above the size of your pants. For example, if you wear size 34 “pants, usually a 36” -38 “sash belt would be perfect for you.

– Buckle (Buckle)
Generally the larger the buckle size the more unsuitable for formal wear. Formal belts typically have small and flat buckles, even their own belts tend to be smaller while large buckles with round tended shapes are generally worn in a casual atmosphere. Most formal belts have a silver or golden buckle. If you wear special accessories such as cuffs, tie hold pins and so forth, you should wear a belt with matching the color. Silver-colored accessories with silver buckles, gold-colored accessories with golden buckles. Unless you wear a wedding ring, you do not have to punish yourself by wearing a gold accent throughout your marriage life. Until now, wedding rings are considered unnecessary to affect one’s personal style.

For the casual belt, you are free to wear whatever type of buckle you like. What to consider in casual style is consistency in determining your style theme, not the shape or size of the buckle as in the formal style. If you like a large metal buckle with Western motifs, you are wearing it with Western-style outfit instead of choosing an urban style that tends to be tight. But you have a lot of mix and match options for casual looks.