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Watch This Speech Capability To Be A Good Customer Service

A customer service is needed by the company. good customer service is able to answer all questions and find a way out of every problem and complaints are given by customers to the company. Indeed not all companies have customer service in their company. for that, David Thomas is trying to help by making telecommunication companies that can provide the best service to customers.

A good customer service is required to have various attitudes that can make customers feel happy and satisfied with all the answers given. However, customer service must also have a good speaking ability by doing some of these things.

1. Speed ??and Clarity of Sound
a customer service should speak quickly but also very clearly. Speech rate will affect the speaker’s ability to capture important meanings in the conversation. When talking too fast, the customer does not understand what has been said. In addition, the pronunciation of verbatim can be imperfect, so the sound sounds like a convoluted and unclear. however, if too slow in talking then the opponent will feel bored blah. for that, a customer service must have a good speaking ability and clear to every question and complaint customers.

2. Good Language
The sentence that is owned by a customer service must also be very good and neatly arranged. this is so that customers are not confused with every word spoken and the selection of words used. As much as possible, a customer service must have a well organized and structured grammar.

3. Intonation of Speech
A customer service must have excellent intonation of speech. Do not talk too low or too high because customers can misinterpret it. Try to have a good and consistent intonation. In this way, the customer will easily accept all the explanations given and think that you explain very well and consistently. This will certainly make the customer happy to consult with you.