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Health Problems Due to Poor Posture

Good posture is important in human health because, without good posture, humans cannot be fully said to be physically fit. Good posture is characterized by well-formed bones that are properly arranged in the proper place and the joints, muscles, and ligaments that work according to function. The normal spine has three natural curves, between the top of the spine with the neck, in the middle, and at the bottom. If the size of the indentation becomes larger or smaller, then someone will begin to feel the problem of standing and the posture looks abnormal. The way you can improve posture is by doing a workout. Get the best workout machine for abs by visiting our website.

What happens if bad posture is left alone? Not only does it create a poor visual impression, poor posture can also affect one’s physical and mental health, even some of them have the following long-term effects.

1. Causes of neck, shoulder, and back pain
One of the most obvious negative effects can be felt by people with poor posture is a pain in some parts of the body around the spine. The posture that tends to bend can cause pain or pain in the neck, shoulders, and back because the muscles, especially flexor and extensor muscles, should work harder to stabilize the bending spine. Long-term effects of this poor posture can cause the permanent shape of the shoulders to change and the backwardness of joint function in the spine.

2. Reduce lung function
Too often bowing can actually cause a decrease in lung capacity by up to 30%. When a person bends down, the lung organ will be compressed into a smaller volume so that the air volume is reduced. Furthermore, the supply of oxygen through the blood throughout the body will decrease, which can be fatal to cells, tissues, to vital organs in the body. In addition, poor posture should also lead to chronic hyperventilation characterized by someone breathing deeper and faster due to low oxygen content in the body.